How to Write a Thank You Note

Thank you notes let the person know how much you appreciative you are. There are many occasions where it would be appropriate to write a thank you note such as when you receive a gift, when someone attends an event that you hosted, when you receive assistance from someone or are shown hospitality.

Thank You Note Writing
Start your note by addressing the recipient(s).
(Dear Aunt Susan,)

State What You're Thankful For
Let the recipient know what you're thanking them for.
(Thanks so much for the fuzzy blue blanket that you gave me for Christmas.)

Add Some Details
Give some more details about why you're so thankful. You can tell the recipient what it meant to you. If you received a gift, you can tell the recipient what you plan to do with the gift you received.
(This winter has been so cold so I've been using the blanket every night and it's kept me very warm.)

Build a future connection into the note.
(I look forward to seeing you again at our next family reunion.)

Thank Them Again
Thank the recipient one more time.
(Thanks again for your thoughtful gift.)

Wrap up your note with a closing and signature.
(Warm Regards
Joe Smith)

Sample Thank You Notes

Thank You Note for a Gift

Dear Recipient,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the beautiful plant you sent me. This very thoughtful gesture helped me decorate my home for the lunch I hosted. The fact that you weren't at the lunch makes your gift even more special to me. It made me realize how wonderful it is to have you as a neighbor, and I look forward to future neighborhood events when you will be able to attend.

Thank You Note for Dinner

Dear Hosts,

I wanted to thank you again for last night's dinner. We really enjoyed our time with you. We actually forgot the kids were around because they got along so well. We loved the food and laughed so hard we were exhausted when we got home.

The next time we get together will be at our house. Thanks again for the lovely dinner and your hospitality.

Thank You Note for a Baby Shower Gift

Dear Friend,

I loved the baby blanket and the rattle that went with it. You always find the perfect gifts. I am looking forward to wrapping my new baby girl in the blanket and watching her enjoy the sound the rattle makes.

It was wonderful to see you again, we should get together again soon. Thank you for coming and making my baby shower such a special occasion.

Tips for Writing Thank You Notes
  • Try to handwrite the note rather than type it. Writing forces you to expend more effort on this task but if you're concerned that your recipient will not be able to read your handwriting, then it would be acceptable to type your note.
  • When acknowledging a gift you received, be very specific in your description of it. For example, writing "Thank you for the blouse" isn't as expressive as the following: "Thank you for the beautiful white silk blouse. I will really enjoy wearing it."
  • Try to send the thank you notes out quickly, within a few weeks of the occasion. Send out the note even if it's late, but apologize in the note e.g. Sorry it took so long, but I want to thank you for...

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