New Baby Gift Thank You Wording

Writing a thank you note or card to let someone know that you appreciate a gift for a new baby is not only good etiquette but is also a nice gesture that will let that person know how grateful you are.

Helpful Tips
  • Handwrite the note/card, it will be more personal and intimate.
  • Thank yous don't have to be long, a few lines is usually sufficient. Focus on content rather than length.
  • Send out your thank you within a few weeks.
  • Mention the gift in your thank you.
    (Thank you for the baby mattress, it will help our little one rest comfortable through the night.)
  • If you received a money or gift card, don't mention specific dollar amounts, you can mention what you'll use it for if you choose.
    (Thank you for your generous gift, we'll be putting it towards a set of baby bottles to feed the new baby with.)
Baby Gift Thank You Wording Samples

Baby Gift Thank You Messages

Thank you for welcoming [baby's name] into the world with your thoughtful gift.
Thank you your [gift]. It will be really handy when our little one arrives.
Thank you so much for your thoughtfullness in thinking about our [baby's name]. We really appreciate your kind gesture and generous gift.
Your [gift] is perfect for our coming little one. [Baby's name] can't wait to meet you and show you how much he/she likes it.
Thank you for your generous gift for our coming little one, we'll be putting it towards a nice new baby crib. We also thank you for all of your love, support, and years of friendship.
[Baby's name] will look very adorable in his/her new set of baby clothes.
Thank you so much for your your thoughtful and extremely generous gift. There'll be many things that we'll need to get for the baby's arrival and this will help out immensely.
Your [gift] will definetly make our lives easier. Thank you so much.
[Baby's name] will love playing with his/her new toys. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
[Baby's name] can't wait to come out and use the [gift] that you gave us. We appreciate it very much.

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